Termite the silent invader (White Ants)
They are medium sized soft bodied, social insects living in colonies they travel through galleries made of mud to avoid light; they damage wood, paper, cloth, stored grains and anything that contains cellulose.  Termites rarely come out on to surface, hence their damage remain unnoticed until it is too late.

These being the subterranean termites, they enter building unobserved from the ground, the perforate the foundation through joints of floors and wall cavities and even penetrate tiny cracks in concrete, the mud runways built serve as communication lines, the tunnels between nests and food.

Prevention of termites from reaching the superstructure of the building and its contents can be achieved by creating a chemical barrier between the ground from where the termites come and other contents of the building which may form food for termites. This is achieved by treating the soil beneath the building and around the foundation with suitable termicide.



  1. Treating the flooring.

The top surface of the entire consolidated earth within the plinth walls shall be treated with chemical emulsion before the sand bed or sub-grade is laid.

(Making 1feet deep & 1 feet apart holes)- With water can or rocker sprayer.

  1. Treating the external plinth.

After the building is complete, the earth along the external perimeter of the building also will be treated with chemical emulsion. (To achieve this small channel shall be made close to the external wall of the building)


Our Pre-construction Anti-termite treatment is backed with a guarantee of 10 (Ten) years from the date of commencing the treatment.

Terms of payment.

80% after the completion of the 1st stage and balance 20% after completion of the work.

Post-Construction Anti-termite treatment.

Method of treatment

Drilling 10 mm dia holes( 1 foot apart and 8 to 9 inch depth) at the junctions of the floor and walls and along the cracks on the floor and inject the chemical emulsion with hand operated pressure pump.    The external periphery of the premises also will be treated with our chemical.   The drilled holes we will seal with chemically treated matching cement.  All existing wooden fixing also will be treated with our chemical emulsion.


Our Post-construction Anti-termite treatment carries a guarantee for 5 (Five) years from the date of commencing the treatment.

Terms of payment.

100% after the completion of the treatment.

We will be using odorless chemical (Bayer or Tata product) for the above mentioned Pre & Post construction treatments.